If you're like most people, you have a deep desire to make a positive difference in the world. You would love to do something that really matters, just to say thank you to the universe for the precious gift of your own life.

But our best intentions too often get lost in the demands and details of our daily routine.

Even when we pause to consider what we could possibly do to bring about positive change in the world, we get paralyzed by doubt: What can I do that will really matter? If I donate money, how do I know it will get to those who need it?

That's how we felt before we met Gabe Beyene and Connie Bisrat, an Ethiopian couple who chose to forsake their comfortable life in the United States and to return to their homeland for the sole purpose of helping their less fortunate brethren. You can read their amazing story here. Gabe and Connie established Hope Community Services, an Ethiopian Non-Government Organization (NGO), with the mission of assisting the poor and helpless in their country. The first project of Hope Community Services was the establishment of an orphanage to care for at least some of the over 800,000 orphans in Ethiopia.

Our daughter, Samara, was so moved by Gabe and Connie's sacrifice that she donated all of her bat mitzvah gifts toward the building of the orphanage, as did many other children. It seemed that everyone who heard Gabe and Connie's story was motivated to contribute.

To ensure the completion of the first dormitory building, we donated over $100,000 of our own money toward the project. Having met Gabe and Connie personally, we trusted that they would use the money wisely and that we would have the chance to watch our charitable gift be put to use dollar by dollar. Having visited the building our gift helped to build, and having spent time with the children who now call Manger-Weil House their home, we can assure you that this is the best money we have ever spent.

It's amazing that for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day in the United States, just $50 a month, you can now provide for the complete support of a boy or girl at Manger-Weil House.

100% of your donation goes straight to the cost of food, clothing, medical care and other daily needs. There are no administrative or fundraising costs here. What Gabe and Connie can't do themselves is done by volunteers.

You can offer a child who is right now destined for a life of poverty and misery a future full of possibilities. And you will even be able to see for yourself all the good you are doing through the smiles of the child you are helping to support. That's right – through the miracle of the internet, you will be able to watch your child grow up in video postcards straight from Ethiopia. Appearing in the video blog section of this website.

If you ask , "Why Ethiopia?", the answer is that it would be hard to find any place in the world where your money is needed more. Ethiopia ranks among the very poorest countries, and Ethiopian orphans have the been dealt the worst hand of just about anyone on the planet. Just stop and think about the fact that as poor as an American child may be, government and charitable programs do exist which are targeted toward assisting them. On the other hand, an Ethiopian orphan's only source of comfort may be an older brother or sister himself not even 10 years old. Imagine children left to fend for themselves without any adult supervision.

So make a tangible difference in the world. Save the life of a child. You'll get so much more than you give. We know first hand. CLICK HERE to see just how easy it is.

God bless,


Donna & Harvey Manger-Weil